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I am in my mid-thirties and my teeth are sensitive to cold and hot, how I can stop this

There are many factors that can arise to sensitivity. However, it more often than not, means some of your dentine (the inside layer of tooth) has been exposed in some way. Treatment can be as simple as rubbing “sensitivity tooth paste” on the areas, or it may need a coat of “varnish” which a dentist can apply, if it’s more severe, a layer of white filling can be applied to block the cold and hot stimuli. As much as the treatment of sensitivity can be relatively straight forward, finding the cause is more important and can be more tricky. It is important to visit a dentist and have this looked at. Once the cause or causes have been highlighted they can be addressed to prevent any further sensitivity from occurring.


My gums bleed when I brush my teeth, why does this happen and what should I do

The most common cause of bleeding gums is inflamed gums; this can also be termed “gum disease” it is caused by the bacteria in the plaque and tartar that can grow on teeth if they are not cleaned sufficiently.

The first thing you should do is book a dental appointment, so the extent of the bleeding and your gum health can be assessed, after this a course of treatment will be prescribed. This will invariably involve hygiene both professionally and by yourself.


I brush my teeth twice a day yet my gums bleed, am I brushing them too much

It is unlikely that your gums are bleeding due to over brushing; it is more likely that although you are brushing twice a day, your technique of brushing may need to improve to completely remove all the plaque bacteria. Gum disease can affect some people more than others; some people are more susceptible to it than others. Including those that smoke, those that have uncontrolled diabetes, those that lead stressful lifestyles, also some people are genetically more prone to gum disease.

I would suggest you see a dentist so your brushing technique can be improved, also you can get advice on cleaning in between your teeth which is also very important.


I have a one year old baby, when should I start bringing her to the dentist

It is never too early to bring babies in with you to see the dentist. It gives the baby a chance to become familiar with the dentist and surroundings. The first few appointments will probably just involve sitting on the chair with you for a few seconds. This reduces the chance of having a child age six who is scared of visiting the dentist.


I am over forty and my front teeth have gaps, am I too old for braces

Not at all, as long as your teeth are healthy and you want them moved it is possible. We have the perfect solution, come and book a consultation for clear step braces, the non-metal, see-through brace for all ages!


Is it damaging to my teeth if I have them whitened

There are many variety of whitening gels available, the best and safest results will always be from a dental health professional. The whitening gels we use are both safe and tried and tested, with fantastic results. There can be short term sensitivity, which we will discuss with you, but no long term damage.


I have had a crown on my front tooth for eleven years, how often should they be replaced

If the crown is free from any problems, i.e. not causing pain, it looks fine, it’s not worn or chipped, then there is no clinical reason to replace it. Crowns should be monitored well and checked on x-rays periodically, however there is no need to replace them if there are no problems.


Will it damage my teeth further if I have sliver fillings removed and replaced with white fillings

If the procedure is done carefully and correctly there should be no further damage to your teeth. You should have an assessment first of your existing fillings and how deep they are.


I have some natural teeth and some false teeth on a denture, I do not like the denture because I have to take it in and out and it is too bulky. Are there alternatives

You need to have a thorough assessment, there are usually alternatives including different types of dentures which may not be so bulky, bridges which attach to your existing teeth, or implants which are buried in to your jaw bone. All three options have advantages and limitations, this can all be discussed with you at your initial consultation, we can then help you chose the best option for you.


I recently saw my dentist and had a root filling; she now says I should have a crown! Why didn’t she do a crown in the first place

Root fillings are carried out because the nerve of a tooth has been affected in some way; the alternative is often to extract the tooth. A crown is carried out purely to improve the mechanical strength of a tooth. After a root filling has been carried out, it will usually leave the tooth hollow and susceptible to fracture. By placing a crown over the tooth, it will protect the tooth structure and increase its long term prognosis

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